How to Paint Roses on Furniture the Easy Way

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Want to paint roses on furniture but feel intimidated by it? I will break down the basics of drawing a rose that anyone can do! You don’t need to be an artist to be able to paint roses. With this step-by-step guide, you can paint roses on furniture and bring it to life in a shabby chic or farmhouse style!

In this DIY project, I gave new life to an old clock in shabby chic style. In case you didn’t know, I’m all about that ‘Give New Life to Old Furniture’ life. You don’t need to be a professional to revamp and give new life to old furniture. Read on to find out how to paint roses on furniture the easy way!

What you’ll need

  1. Acrylic Paint

  2. Gilding Gold paint

    Krylon’s leafing pen is awesome but it goes out of stock so fast. Alternatively, Sharpie has a pretty good set of metallic markers.

  3. Vintage-style clock hands

  4. Clear sealant spray

  5. Picture Reference (optional)


  1. Find a picture reference on Google images.

  2. On the right is one of my references: Flower vector created by –

  3. There’s no pressure to follow it exactly, I definitely didn’t. I’m all about following my heart. You just use the picture reference to roughly know the placement of the roses, the bud, the leaves and stem etc.

  1. Remove any clock fixtures such as the clock hands etc.

  2. Now sketch out the image of the roses and the leaves on the clock.

    Don’t be intimidated by the roses! I am no expert in drawing flowers, but I follow this drawing method for roses.

  3. Cheat method of drawing roses:

  1. The Bud and the Growing Teenager

    The Bud: Start with drawing a circle at the centre. Then draw random petals around it. 

    The Growing teenager: Continue to draw petals around it, like a spiral pattern, filling in the gaps between each petal with a new petal continuously. Look at how messy my petals are, but it’s okay! It’s okay to be messy for the initial sketch, y’all! Bob Ross the heck out of it.

  2. The Full Bloom & Jacket 

    Full bloom: Similar to the teenager, continue to draw the petals but a BIGGER one. This is where your petals bloom into adulthood. 😉 

    The Jacket: Now draw jacket-like petals for this layer. You can see how that 2 rows of petals line up, looking like a jacket of sorts. Yes, I made up these nonsense names but hey, it helps! It gets the point straight across!

  3.  Extra AF & Leaves

    Extra af: This is an optional step if you want to make your rose look EXTRA AF. Just add one layer of petals, try to make the petal pointy at the end for a teardrop shape.

    Leaves: This is just the finishing touches, Leaves are so easy. Just draw them in that basic shape and its veins and VOILA! We’re done.

Now back to our main program!

  1. Paint the background of the clock.

  2. Choose a base colour for the clock and paint it! I painted mine black with Retique It Chalk Finish Paint. I love how intense the black is and I only needed to give 1 coat for full coverage!

    I didn’t spray paint this as it would be harder to paint a spray-painted surface with acrylic afterwards!

  3. Using the base colour, outline the shapes of your roses and leaves. Do this SLOWLY as you don’t want to paint over the details that you have painstakingly sketched.

  4. Time to paint your rose drawing!

    This is where your picture reference will come in handy when it comes to choosing the colours.

how to draw roses on furniture easily
how to paint roses the easy way

Pro tip: Highlight your painting with white as the last step. I use it to outline some parts of my roses and leaves.

  1. Now paint the clock face with gold paint/marker.

    I used a gilding gold marker for this to really make it POP.

  2. Finish it up with a spray sealant!

  3. Once it has dried, put on the new clock hands!

    I bought mine from a local store, but you can find something similar here!

how to give new life to old clock by drawing roses
How to paint roses on furniture shabby chic style

And there you have it! An old clock revamped in shabby chic style simply by painting roses on it! I think it turned out pretty awesome! What do you guys think? Have you guys tried your hand in painting roses on furniture and giving new life to old furniture? It’s less intimidating than I thought.

I pretty much went wild on my other DIY projects where I made a shabby chic wall art, revamped my old furniture cottage-style and restyled my boring dresser under $50! Once you become a DIY-er, there’s no going back!

How to paint roses on furniture the easy way

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