Free Galaxy Printables: Wall Art & Calendar

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As you can tell from my recent DIY projects, I have an unhealthy obsession with galaxy constellation design. If I can have this design all over my house, I would! I mean I already spray painted my ceiling into a galaxy, so what’s a few galaxy-themed decor, amirite? I recently made this free galaxy printables based on your horoscope and you can download it here for FREE!

I  designed it into a wall art and calendar, and it’s a ready-to-use, high-resolution copy.  So you can print it out and immediately hang it on your wall, or use it for any of your DIY projects!

Scroll down below to download the free galaxy printables!

Free Galaxy Printables – Wall Art

I think this wall art is perfect as a birthday gift! I love how it looks on the wall and it pretty much complements any room decor.

I had a rough time deciding on the colour of the galaxy. Like do I want a blue-purple galaxy or a an orange-yellow galaxy? But then i thought why not BOTH?!


So a rainbow galaxy it is!

And when you design any horoscope designs, OF COURSE you will need to design a calendar!

Free Galaxy Printables – Calendar

I know that it’s already April now, but I have a plan! On December 2020, I’m going to update the calendar for a 2021 version! Watch this space and subscribe to my newsletter to get the latest updates and free monthly printables!

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Do take note that these free galaxy printables are for PERSONAL use only. No commercial use is allowed.

I love designing printables! Let me know if you guys have used my printables for any of your projects or any other printables you would love to get! I’m open to new ideas!
Free download of a horoscope-based galaxy wall art and calendar! It is ready to be printed immediately for your personal use! Decorate your room, gift these galaxy printables to your loved ones & use it for any of your DIY projects!  #printables #galaxyprintables #freeprintables #galaxywallart #galaxycalendar #freewallart #freecalendar #calendarprintables #wallartprintables #diy #crafts #homedecor

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  1. Quinn

    I also love everything abut space and it is actually the reason why it brought me here. God bless you~~!

    • EurekaGirl

      Hi Quinn,

      Thank you for the lovely comment!

      Galaxy designs just look amazing on everything! I love them on shoes, on my ceiling and on my wall art. Space lovers unite! 😀



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