How to Paint Furniture in Shabby Chic, Farmhouse or Cottage style?

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Love the shabby chic, cottage or farmhouse look? For this DIY project, i will show you how to paint furniture in shabby chic style without any decoupage! Don’t be intimidated by painting the roses! I will show you how you can draw roses easily in a step-by-step guide below!

This furniture revamp project was brought on by my addiction to HGTV. I’m only 27 but I have an addiction to HGTV and their DIY home decor revamp and house flipping madness. So, of course, I would have to revamp my own home decor! Read on to find out how you can revamp furniture in shabby chic style!

Shabby Chic Look

The shabby chic look you are going for might differ from mine but the steps stay roughly the same. I am going for a white shabby chic look with a simple rose design on it.

Here are some of my inspirations:


  1. Take out all the fixtures (handles etc) and spray paint them with Krylon metallic gold paint in a well-ventilated area.

    I use Krylon as the paint makes my handles look like authentic metal and it dries super fast! 

  2. Check if you need to sand your furniture.

    My furniture was already in good condition and i would be using chalk paint. So there wasn’t any need for me to sand. If you want to check if you need to sand furniture or not, check out my comprehensive guide on sanding wood furniture!

paint furniture in white cottage, farmhouse or shabby chic
  1. Paint your furniture with Rust-Oleum White Chalk Paint.

    Take note that chalk paint gives an ultra matte finish. What i love about this Rust-Oleum White Chalk Paint is that i only need to apply 1 coat for full coverage! You can apply more coats if needed, of course.

    Also, I forgot to take the ‘Before’ shots of the furniture before I painted them! But it was a brown drab.

  2. Once the paint has dried, sketch roses on the furniture with a pencil.

    Have a picture reference! As you can see, I used one design per furniture. For the TV console below, I used a mirrored image of the roses to make the design symmetrical.

    You can use any photo app on your phone to make a mirror image of the original design.

How to revamp furniture in shabby chic
  1. Learn how you can draw roses the easy way using this method, which i have also used when i revamped an old clock:

  1. The Bud and the Growing Teenager

    The Bud: Start with drawing a circle at the centre. Then draw random petals around it. 

    The Growing teenager: Continue to draw petals around it, like a spiral pattern, filling in the gaps between each petal with a new petal continuously. Look at how messy my petals are, but it’s okay! It’s okay to be messy for the initial sketch, y’all! Bob Ross the heck out of it.

  2. The Full Bloom & Jacket 

    Full bloom: Similar to the teenager, continue to draw the petals but a BIGGER one. This is where your petals bloom into adulthood. 😉 

    The Jacket: Now draw jacket-like petals for this layer. You can see how that 2 rows of petals line up, looking like a jacket of sorts. Yes, I made up these nonsense names but hey, it helps! It gets the point straight across!

  3.  Extra AF & Leaves

    Extra af: This is an optional step if you want to make your rose look EXTRA AF. Just add one layer of petals, try to make the petal pointy at the end for a teardrop shape.

    Leaves: This is just the finishing touches, Leaves are so easy. Just draw them in that basic shape and its veins and VOILA! We’re done.

  1. Paint the roses using Acrylic Paint and wait for it to dry completely before you erase the pencil marks.

  2. Choose the colour schemes of your roses wisely depending on the style you are looking for.

    For the roses on the TV console (on the left), I chose an old green with gold highlights for the leaves for a more shabby chic look.

    For the roses on the bedroom cupboard (on the right), i went for a basic dark green tone for the leaves for a fresh, modern twist.

how to paint shabby chic roses on furniture
how to draw roses on furniture
  1. After the rose painting has dried, spray it with a clear sealant FIRST, followed by 1-2 coats of clear varnish after 30 minutes.

    Spraying it with clear sealant is generally enough for most furniture but i chose to add a coat of varnish since i had it on hand.

And we are done! It is a simple, classic look but yet has that shabby chic element which I totally love! 

 I feel more confident in painting roses on furniture now after learning some of these techniques and tips on how to draw and paint roses easily. Painting furniture in a shabby chic style shouldn’t be difficult or complicated! You can definitely revamp your furniture for a shabby chic or farmhouse style without decoupage just by trying out these simple techniques and tips!

how to paint furniture in a shabby chic style
With all my chapalang (Singlish for ‘haphazard’) way of doing DIY Home Decor, I’m sure so many DIY gurus are shaking their heads at my method! All my revamped furniture have been holding up fine, so I guess I didn’t screw up THAT badly? I’m just going at these DIY Home Decor projects full steam ahead. In fact, thinking too much about technicalities makes me SUPER LAZY and UNPRODUCTIVE.

Any DIY non-gurus out there!?

This is not the end to my DIY Home Decor journey! Check out my other furniture revamp projects where I gave new life to an old clock, made a floral shabby chic calligraphic wall art and revamped my boring dresser under $50! I’m pretty happy with the outcomes too!

I wonder if this is a sign of ageing as I’m only 27 but I’m all about that HGTV life, ya feel me?

Let me know if you have tried painting roses on your furniture or painted your furniture in shabby chic style. Or share about your furniture revamp projects! I would love to hear all about it!


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